Almost an Evening

Directed by A.J. Allegra, James Yeargain, Sam Dudley
January 20 - February 5 | NOCCA
ALMOST AN EVENING featured three short plays by Academy Award winning director, Ethan Coen.

Waiting: Someone waits somewhere for quite some time.

Four Benches: His voyage to self-discovery takes a British intelligence agent to steam baths and park benches.

Debate: Cosmic questions are taken up. Not much is learned.


Nelson/Waiter: A.J. Allegra

McMartin/Young Man: James Bartelle

Texan/God Who Loves: James Yeargain

Earl/Angel Two: Jared Gore

Polhemus/Mr. Boodrum/God Who Judges

Young Woman: Kristen Witterschein

Receptionist/Lady Friend: Natalie Boyd

One/Angel One: Sam Dudley

Sebatacheck/Control/Maitre D': Sean Glazebrook


Directors: A.J. Allegra, James Yeargain, Sam Dudley

Stage Manager: Laura Jean Hoffpauir

Costume Designer: Shauna Leone