Catch the Wall

Directed by Chris Kaminstein
March 14 - 24 | Samuel Dubois Cook Performing Arts Center at Dillard University

When champion Bounce MC, Benefit, dies unexpectedly, 6th graders Cleo and Justice set out to make a dance video so that their mentor’s memory can live on. But when Benefit’s ghost begins haunting the halls of their charter school, the girls must push back against their teacher’s expectations and the dangers of their neighborhood, and find a story they can claim as their own. CATCH THE WALL, authored by the same playwright who brought The NOLA Project’s TASTE and directed by Goat in the Road Productions’ Christopher Kaminstein, is a multi-media bounce play, fueled by the music and culture of New Orleans.


Cleo: Corinne Williams

Benefit: Joyce Deal

Melonie/Ms. Dyer: Kristen Witterschein

Mr. Bechet/Sidney: Martin Bradford

Ariyel: Monica R. Harris

Justice: Tenaj Jackson

Ms. Terry/Mrs. Darby: Troi Bechet

K'Waan: Troy Privott

Kevin: William Bowling


Director: Chris Kaminstein

Stage Manager: Pam Roberts

Production Manager: Emilie Whelan