Cloud Nine

Directed by James Tripp
August 4 - 27 | NOCCA/Riverfront's Nims Blackbox Theatre

Humorous, gender-confused and time-hopping, Caryl Churchill’s Cloud Nine farcically explores race, sex, and colonial oppression in a topsy-turvy comedy set in 19th century Africa and 1970’s London.


Harry Bagley/Martin: Alex Martinez Wallace

Betty/Edward: Andrew Larimer*

Mrs. Saunders/Betty: Angela Vitale

Joshua/Cathy: James Bartelle*

Maud/Lin: Laura Ramadei

Edward/Victoria: Molly Schreiber

Clive/Gerry: Peter McElligot

Bill: A.J. Allegra

Ellen: Whitney Thompson


  • Director: James Tripp
  • Lightning Design: Davis Barron
  • Set Design: Jenni-Lee Crewe
  • Sound Design/Stage Manager: A.J. Allegra
  • Sound Design: Peter McElligot
  • Carpentry: Sean Creel
  • Crew: Michael Jefferson, Erica Carlson
  • Costume Coordinator: Elsa Dimitriadis, M. Brady McKellar
  • Light Board: Andrea Watson