Stockholm Syndrome

Directed by A.J. Allegra
January 16 - February 2 | Little Gem Saloon


From the writing team behind 2015’s hit production CLOWN BAR comes STOCKHOLM SYNDROME: OR, REMEMBER THE TIME JIMMY’S ALL AMERICAN BEEFSTEAK PLACE WAS TAKEN OVER BY THAT GROUP OF RADICALS? That mouthful of a title is set, appropriately, at Jimmy’s All-American Beefsteak Restaurant – a fictional chain (the kind you love to hate) – whose employees and patrons suddenly find themselves in the midst of a hostage crisis…and a love story.


This new immersive musical comedy will take place upstairs at the Little Gem Saloon where audience members will eat and drink as patrons of Jimmy’s while the action happens all around them. This promises to be a wild ride like nothing you have ever seen or heard before!



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Brian: Keith Claverie†

Mel: Kathleen Moore

Jane: Julie Dietz

Angie: April Louise

Red: Bill Mader

Sue Jean: Rebecca Elizabeth Hollingsworth

Marty: Michael Krikorian

Lynx: Kristin Shoffner

Razor: Alec Barnes

Martyna: Leslie Claverie†

Jimmy: Mark Routhier†

William: Michael Pepp


†NOLA Project Ensemble Member

*Member of Actors’ Equity Association


Director. A.J. Allegra†

Assistant Director: James Yeargain†*

Musical Director: Ainsley Matich

Choreographer: Kali Russell†

Production Manager: Megan Harms

Stage Manager: Sarah Chatelain†

Assistant Stage Manager: Tova Steele

Scenic/Props Designer: Ellen Bull

Costume Designer: Erin Routh

Lighting Designer: Jasmine Williams

Sound Designer: Betsy Primes


STOCKHOLM SYNDOME brings together many elements from the 2015 hit CLOWN BAR. Writer (Adam Szymkowicz), composers (Jack Craft and Styler Stroup), actors (Alec Barnes and Keith Claverie) and venue (Little Gem).