The Misanthrope

Directed by Jimmy Tripp
July 15 - 30 | New Orleans Museum of Art

In 2007, The NOLA Project turned its energies to the genre of classical comedy at New Orleans singularly beautiful connection to the classical arts: the New Orleans Museum of Art. With enormous wit and an ironic sense of humor, The Misanthrope searches for the line where truth and false flattery meet in society — whether total honesty is the most noble path, or if little white lies are necessary, and how far they should be taken.


Celimene: Alexis Jacknow*

Alceste: Peter McElligot*

Philinte: Sean Glazebrook*

Oronte: A.J. Allegra

Acaste: Andrew Larime

Dubois: James Bartelle*

Arsinoe: Janet Shea

Basque: Michelle Bart

Guard: Nick Kocher

Eliante: Scarlett Bermingham

Clitandre: Will Connolly


Director: James Tripp

Lighting Design: Gary Solomon Jr.

Set Design: Jenni-Li Crewe

Costume Design: Scarlett Bermingham

Sound Design: Peter McElligot

Stage Manager: Nick Kocher

Carpentry: Sean Creel

Hair Styling: Marcos Gonzalez

Light Board: Caylie Sadin

Sound Board: Caitlyn Boillotat

Translation: Richard Wilbur