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Think about the last time you saw something strange or unusual...
A car wreck on the roadway, a video on a friend's phone, a meme of a naked celebrity balancing a champagne glass on her sizable posterior. The result is a mix of emotions and sensations: Am I appalled? Am I aroused? Am I sympathetic or sad? Why can’t I look away? The NOLA Project’s 2015-2016 theatrical season, Strange Sights is a mixture of plays that elicit these sensations. They challenge the audience to look, and then look closer-sometimes at the characters or ideas, and sometimes at themselves. We are fortunate to live in a city that welcomes, and even celebrates, the strange. We think it’s time The NOLA Project does the same.

Marie Antoinette
by David Adjmi
(Regional Premiere)
directed by Mark Routhier
September 3-20 at NOCCA's Nims Black Box Theatre

"Marie Antoinette" is a scintillating new play by hot American playwright David Adjmi, receiving its regional premiere by The NOLA Project to open our season. Everyone loves a hot mess. Today, we have celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Honey Boo Boo, Heidi and Spencer Pratt, The Real Housewives of [insert city here]. We watch them out of admiration, out of fascination, and – let’s be honest – out of a hidden desire to see them fall from grace. The eighteenth-century version of the reality star was Marie Antoinette. Adore her, admonish her, despise her or behead her, the one thing you couldn’t do was ignore her. In Adjmi’s new play, the queen who everyone has an opinion of is finally given her own voice, and you might be surprised by what comes out. The new play has played Yale Rep, SOHO Rep, A.R.T. and Steppenwolf Theatre, and we are thrilled to present this regional premiere to a city that knows a thing or two about French royalty. Three-time Big Easy Award-winning director Mark Routhier ("One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest", "Balm in Gilead") will direct.

Clown Bar
by Adam Szymkowicz
(Regional Premiere)
directed by James Yeargain
October 22-November 8 at The Little Gem Saloon Ramp Room

Ten clowns walk into a bar. This is not a joke. This is the premise for Adam Szymkowicz’s hilarious immersive comedy "Clown Bar". In the play, which is much more an immersive experience than a traditional play, audiences will be invited to dress up as clowns or don clown noses themselves as they enter the seedy clown underworld where an ex-clown detective, Happy Mahoney, finds himself unwillingly pulled back by the murder of his brother Timmy, a tragically unfunny clown. Happy must find the one that murdered his brother so that he can finally close the dark chapter of his own white-faced, red-nosed existence. For this production, The NOLA Project will turn the upstairs Ramp Room of the Little Gem Saloon into our Clown Bar, a place of clown drinking, clown lust, clown music and clown MURDER. We guarantee you’ve never experienced a show like this. And if you have, we’d like to become better friends.

The Winter's Tale
by William Shakespeare
directed by A.J. Allegra
December 1-20 in NOMA's Great Hall

Can we always believe what we see? Can the mind play tricks on us? Have you ever been so sure of something even in the face of unspeakable doubt? These questions and more are explored in one of Shakespeare’s most beautiful and haunting plays, "The Winter’s Tale", directed by "Twelfth Night" director, and NOLA Project Artistic Director, A.J. Allegra in NOMA’s Great Hall this December. "The Winter’s Tale" tells the story of a King driven mad by suspicion and jealousy who loses everything and must find the forgiveness in his heart in order to regain his life’s most valuable possession: Love. It is a late Shakespeare play that is rich with beautiful verse and tinged with magical elements well-known for Shakespeare’s last few written works. This is a beautiful piece for the holidays and is a welcome story of redemption from a man not named Scrooge. 

by John B. Keane
directed by Alex Ates
March 10-27 at Ashe' Power House Theater

In the spirit of early NOLA Project hit productions such as "The Cripple of Inishmaan" and "The Lieutenant of Inishmore", "Sive" is a dark and powerful story of greed and passion told with the wit and sharp tongue of Irish playwright John B. Keane. Even though the play has been renowned for decades in Ireland, it is a largely unfamiliar sight to American eyes as it has only been produced a small handful of times in the U.S. since its publishing in 1959. "Sive"tells the story of an orphaned girl of 17 sent to live with her deceased mother’s brother and his calculating wife. When a town matchmaker brings news of an offer for a great deal of money in exchange for young Sive’s hand in marriage to the 70-year-old Seán Dóta, the family must make a painful decision. John B. Keane’s writing style in "Sive" recounts a young Martin McDonagh or Conor McPherson in its acerbic wit and unique Irish poetry.

Don Quixote
a new adaptation by Pete McElligott
(World Premiere) 
directed by Jess Podewell
May 6-24 in NOMA's Besthoff Sculpture Garden

Award-winning playwright, and NOLA Project company member, Pete McElligott brings another classic novel to new and hilarious life with Miguel de Cervantes' classic tale "Don Quixote". Fresh off of his Big Easy Award-winning script(s) for "Adventures in Wonderland", McElligott brings his charm and singular wit to the famous Spanish tale of the hidalgo-turned-knight that tilts at windmills. Once again, this transporting tale will allow audiences to experience NOMA's iconic sculpture garden in new and exciting ways.

Jecko Says "HIDE"
a new interactive theatrical experience by Andrew Larimer
(World Premiere) 
directed by Andrew Larimer
Summer 2016 in various locations to be announced. Shhhh!

Andrew Larimer, the director/conceiver of "Adventures in Wonderland" and award-winning director of "A Midsummer Night’s Dream"’s unique staging in NOMA’s Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden is back at it with a brand-new project designed to thrill and ignite the minds and bodies of our NOLA Project audience. Part Robert Lewis Stevenson’s "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and part role-playing video game Bioshock, Jecko Says "HIDE" is a role-playing mystery piece that places audience members at the center of the action, interacting with live characters in a variety of settings all around New Orleans’ CBD neighborhood. Once the mystery of Dr. Jecko’s sinister plot has been solved, the audience must face a moral dilemma that only they can decide. Trust us, you’ve never experienced a piece of theatre like this before.

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