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2018-2019 Season Auditions

On Saturday, June 2, The NOLA Project will host an open-call audition for its 2018-19 Season. Auditions will be held at Lusher High School (entrance located on Nashville Ave.) between 10am and 5pm. 10-11am is reserved for AEA auditions. EMC actors are asked to select a time in the general call (11am-5pm). All pertinent show information, including rehearsal/run dates* and casting breakdowns, is listed below.

*Please pay careful attention to the dates of these productions as we cannot accommodate actors with excessive rehearsal conflicts and TNP does not employ understudies.

2018-19 Productions

THE REVOLUTIONISTS by Lauren Gunderson, directed by Joanna Russo
• Rehearses July 27-Sept 3
• Runs Sept 4-30 in NOMA’s Great Hall
• Auditioner: Joanna Russo
• Cast breakdown: 4F

  • Olympe De Gouges – badass activist playwright and feminist. Theatre nerd, excitable, passionate, a showman. Widowed and never married to ensure her personal freedom. 38
  • Charlotte Corday – badass country girl and assassin. Very serious, hardened by righteousness. Never been kissed. Has a pocket watch she keeps checking. 25
  • Marie Antoinette – pretty badass but fascinating former queen of France. Bubbly, graceful, opinionated. Totally unaware, unintentionally rude, and oddly prescient. Never had a real friend. 38
  • Marianne Angelle – badass black woman in Paris. She is from the Caribbean, a free woman, a spy working with her husband, Vincent. Tough, classy, vigilant, the sanest one of them all. 30s

• Sides and full script provided. Interested actors are asked to prepare a side of their choice.

THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh, directed by Mark Routhier
• Rehearses Sept 17-Oct 17
• Runs Oct 18-Nov 10 at Lusher’s Lion’s Gate Theatre
• Auditioner: Mark Routhier
• Cast breakdown: 2 M/F, 2M, 1F, 2 children (M & F)

  • Tupolski - Oddly-touchy police interrogator in an unnamed totalitarian state. M or F 30s-60s
  • Ariel - Hot-tempered police interrogator in an unnamed totalitarian state. M or F 30s-60s
  • Katurian - Writer of disturbing children's fairytales. A natural storyteller. Being interrogated for crimes related to his stories. M 20s-30s
  • Michal - Katurian's mentally disabled brother. Under investigation for murder. M 20s-30s
  • Father - Silent character in stylized reenactments of Katurian's fairytales. M 30s-40s
  • Mother - Silent character in stylized reenactments of Katurian's fairytales. F 30s-40s
  • Boy - Silent character in stylized reenactments of Katurian's fairytales. M 10-12 (in appearance)
  • Girl - Silent character in stylized reenactments of Katurian's fairytales. F 10-12 (in appearance)

• Auditionees are asked to prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue

• Full script provided

STOCKHOLM SYNDROME by Adam Szymkowicz, music by Skyler Stroup & Jack Craft, directed by A.J. Allegra
• Rehearses Dec 10-Jan 15
• Runs Jan 16-Feb 9 at Little Gem Saloon
• Auditioner: A.J. Allegra
• Cast breakdown: 6M, 6F

  • BRIAN, male, the manager, thinly veiled desperation. 30s
  • MEL, female, chipper, excited to serve you. 20s
  • JANE, female, anti-establishment, not excited to serve you, MEL’s twin sister. (They don’t have to look alike.) 20s
  • ANGIE, female, been there too long. 40s-50s
  • RED, male, the cook, smokes a lot of pot. 30s-40
  • LYNX, female, the radical crew’s leader. 20s-30s
  • RAZOR, male, the silent type, dangerous, large. 20s-30s
  • MARTYNA, female, psychotic, Eastern European accent. 20s-40s.
  • SUE JEAN, female, sad suburban housewife. 40s-50s
  • MARTY, male, sad suburban husband. 40s-50s
  • WILLIAM, male, efficient, all business, personal assistant to Jimmy. 40s
  • JIMMY, male, the boss, the legend. 50s-60s

• Auditionees are asked to prepare a one-minute song of complaint (with or without accompaniment)

• Full Script provided

THE HENCHMAN by Michael Aaron Santos, directed by Kristin Shoffner
• Rehearses April 1-May 7
• Runs May 8-31 in NOMA’s Sculpture Garden
• Auditioner: Kristin Shoffner, Michael Aaron Santos
• Cast breakdown: 6M, 6F

  • Thaddea: A maiden of India. F 20s
  • Jacob: Prince of India, Healer of men, “Henchman” to Oberon. M (teens-early 20s)
  • Puck: Robin Goodfellow, trickster, spritely servant of Oberon. M/F any age
  • Esau: Prince of India, Hunter of men, Brother to Jacob. M 20s
  • Crantzrosen: Constable of a city in India. M/F any age
  • Sternguilden: Deputy Constable and brother to Crantzrosen. M/F any age
  • Oberon / Theseus: King of the Fairies / King of Athens. M 30s-60s
  • Titania / Hippolyta: Queen of the Fairies / Queen of the Amazons. F 30s-60s
  •  Peaseblossom / Antandre: Fairy / Amazon warrior. M/F any age
  • Cobweb / Phoebe: Fairy / Amazon warrior. M/F any age
  • Mustardseed / Thermodosa: Fairy / Amazon warrior. M/F any age
  • Steward / Mote / Captain / Third spear-carrier on the left / Fate. M/F any age
• Auditionees are asked to prepare a Shakespeare sonnet and be prepared to read from sides at the audition


Auditions are by appointment only. To schedule an audition, email NOLA Project Associate Artistic Director James Bartelle at jbartelle@nolaproject.com. Include which shows you wish to be considered for and a preferred time slot. In the event that all time slots are full, you will be placed on a Wait List and contacted if an actor should cancel.

Please bring one copy of your headshot/resume for each show you wish to audition for. If you do not have physical headshots, you are welcome to email one. The NOLA Project DOES accept video auditions – these can be emailed to jbartelle@nolaproject.com by Saturday, June 2.

The NOLA Project is an ensemble-driven company seeking diverse performers of all ages, races, genders, backgrounds, and abilities. All are encouraged and welcome to audition.