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2019-2020 Season Auditions

Auditions for The NOLA Project's 2019-2020 Season will be held from 10am-2pm on Saturday, June 22 and Sunday June 23, 2019. Auditions are by appointment and will take place at Lusher Charter School located at 5624 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA 70115. AEA auditions will occur between 10-11am each day, while auditions for all performers, AEA and non-AEA alike, will be held from 11am-2pm each day. 
Please read below for all available roles in The NOLA Project's 15th Season. As an organization committed to the values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, we seek a diverse collection of artists representative of the diverse community of which we are a part. All roles, unless otherwise specified, are open to actors of all racial backgrounds, gender identities, sexual identities, and abilities. 

MEASURE FOR MEASURE by William Shakespeare, adapted by Aditi Kapil as part of Oregon Shakespeare Festival's PlayOn! program

Runs September 10-29 in NOMA's Great Hall. Rehearsals begin August 10.

Director Mark Routhier asks auditioners to prepare a 60-90 second selection of Shakespeare verse, dramatic or comedic. Please use material from one of his plays and do not perform a sonnet. The following roles are available:

• ESCALUS/ABHORSON – An ancient lord/an Executioner 

• LUCIO – A bawdy liar

• JULIET – Beloved of CLAUDIO and pregnant with his child

• PROVOS – Head jailer

• MISTRESS OVERDONE – A brothel-keeper

All other roles are cast.



THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW adapted by Pete McElligott

Runs October 16-November 10 in NOMA's Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Rehearsals begin September 16.

Director Leslie Claverie and Assistant Director James Yeargain seek performers to read sides and/or perform an instrument for three available roles:

• THE BOSS – A brash Artistic Director who believes in the power of theatre above all else, safety or logic be damned. Gender neutral. 30s-40s.

• THE STAGE MANAGER – A right-hand lackey to the director. Tough and intimidating. The Joe Pesci to the AD's Robert DeNiro. Male. 20s-50s.

• LPO MUSICIAN* – A member of the local Philharmonic Orchestra who is the sole surviving member of a terrible accident. Plays a woodwind instrument. Is very scared and confused. Gender and age neutral.

*For this character, we seek a musician – preferably a woodwind player – who is comfortable performing on stage with other actors. Playing skills are paramount. This character does not speak any lines but must be expressive and communicate without words. Performers wishing to audition for this role should play a 60-second selection on some sort of woodwind. 




HARRY AND THE THIEF by Sigrid Gilmer

Runs January 16-26, 2020 at the CAC. Rehearsals begin December 2.

Director Khiry Armstead seeks performers to read sides for the following available roles (character descriptions provided by the author): 

ANITA – She maybe History. She maybe God. She is most definitely the narrator. She is not black. She is not white. But she's kind of a bitch and a man in drag. (20s-60s)

MIMI  – Professional thief. Time traveler. Black girl. (20s-30s)

HARRY – Harriet Tubman. Her people call her Moses. She's very black. She has a scar on her forehead. She wears a bandana. (black female 30s-40s)

JEREMY – Big Black Queen. Mad Scientist. Revolutionary. Full figured. (black male. 30s-40s)

VIVIAN – Twin of Knox. Very cute. Very pissed off. She has a baby. (black female. 20s)

KNOX – Twin of Vivian. He wants to be a cowboy. (black male. 20s)

SHILO – The Cook. Miss Mary Sunshine with an axe behind her back. (black male. 30s-50s)

MADDOX – Right-Hand Slave to Orry. Roscoe Lee Brown and John Gielgud's love child. (black male. 30s-50s)

ORRY MAIN SCARLET – Slave Owner. It is good to be the king. He has a charming southern accent. Handsome. (white male. 40s-50s)

The role of JONES is cast.




TREASURE ISLAND adapted by A.J. Allegra, James Bartelle, and Alex Martinez Wallace

Runs May 6-27, 2020 in NOMA's Besthoff Sculpture Garden. Rehearsals begin April 1, 2020

Director Beau Bratcher will be auditioning actors in small groups, performing improvised storytelling in the fashion of the story. We seek physically nimble and versatile actors that are unafraid of making large character choices – this is a pirate play after all. Seeking performers age 18 or older. Performers of all genders, races, and abilities are welcomed and encouraged at audition



To schedule your audition, please email auditions@nolaproject.com with a time frame and day preference.

Please indicate which productions you are interested in.