Thank you for considering auditioning for The NOLA Project's production of SCHOOL GIRLS; OR, THE AFRICAN MEAN GIRLS PLAY written by Jocelyn Bioh and directed by Tenaj Jackson. This play will rehearse and perform at Loyola University New Orleans. Rehearsals will commence on January 3rd with 12 total performances: 2/3, 2/4, 2/5, 2/6, 2/9, 2/10, 2/11, 2/12, 2/13, 2/15, 2/16, 2/17.

Pay: All non-AEA actors will be paid $1,000 for the production. AEA actors will receive a special appearance contract for eight weeks of work.

Cast breakdown:

All characters are of West African descent and are to be played by African and/or Black actors. Ghanaian/West African accents are used for all roles with the exception of Ericka.

PAULINA SARPONG (Paul-LEE-nah SAAR-pong). 18 years old; the most popular girl in school and knows it. She is beautiful, talented, vindictive, yet somehow loveable.

ERICKA BOAFO (BWAH-foh). 18 years old; Light/fair skin. She is a transfer student and is new to school. She is enchanting, sweet, elusive. (NOTE: Should be played by a fair-skinned biracial [Black and White] woman.)

AMA (Ahh-mah). 18 years old; the sensible, smart one of Paulina’s pack and has the honor of being her best friend. Her loyalty to Paulina is starting to fray, and she has to work up towards being the girl who is not afraid to say it like she means it.

NANA (Nah-nah). 16 years old; the quiet, simple, and sensitive one of Paulina’s pack. She never means any harm and strives to do the right thing. She struggles with her love of food and snacks.

MERCY. 16 years old; the witty sidekick to Gifty and will do and say anything to stay a member of Paulina’s pack.

GIFTY. 16 years old; the “Frick” to Mercy’s “Frack”; loves being part of Paulina’s pack and will do anything to be considered cool.

HEADMISTRESS FRANCIS. 40s; the Headmistress of Aburi Girls Boarding School; loves her students and will do whatever she can to both uplift and protect them.

ELOISE AMPONSAH (Ell-oh-eez Amm-pohn-saah). 40s; Extremely poised and well-mannered former Miss Ghana 1966. She is now a recruiter for the Miss Ghana pageant. She speaks with a slightly affected British accent and prides herself in always being a lady.

AUDITION Instructions

Auditions will be held in two rounds:

1. The first audition is a digital video submission

2. The second, callback round will be held in person by invitation only

You must submit a first-round video audition in order to qualify for the callbacks. 

For your video submission:

Please begin with a slate (your name, where are you from, who are you/what you enjoy, etc.) THEN tell us a story about your experience with bullies. This could be an experience with a mean girl, an old boss, a distrustful parent, or maybe you were the bully. How did you handle it? Did you handle it? AND/OR a comedic or dramatic monologue of your choosing.

Please note that as most characters in the play are West African native women, we would like you to use your best Ghanaian/West African accent for the audition. You may only elect to do a portion of the audition in the accent, but we need to hear your best attempt at some point in the video.

Once your video is ready, you may visit the audition form linked below to upload. If you have any troubles or challenges, please email director Tenaj Jackson ( or Artistic Director A.J. Allegra (

The audition submission window is Monday, Nov. 15-Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Callbacks will be held at Loyola University in December.


Nola Project