Loyola's Marquette Theatre
6301 St. Charles Avenue 70118

The Loyola Marquette Theatre is a 110 seat jewel box theatre situated in the Marquette main building on Loyola's campus. 

On the image, Marquette is indicated by the number 2. A gold star marks the exact theatre entrance. Parking is available in the horseshoe drive or on the street. 

Please note that the theater entry is on the second floor landing of the building. This can be accessed by either the front steps or by elevator. Guests using the elevator should enter Level 1 through the center glass doors and then take the elevator immediately inside. When you emerge, you will need to exit the building and walk over to the theatre entrance.

Restrooms are located on the first floor near the elevator. And though we are unable to serve refreshments at the production due to school protocols, we are happy to provide guests with a bottle of water should they request it. 

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