hemlock exchange

by Gab Reisman

Directed by A.J. Allegra

Audio Engineered by Amara Skinner

Release Date:  December 3, 2020

The NOLA Project PodPlays are a brand new way for audiences to experience the excitement of new theatre from the comfort of their home.

Riding the telephone lines on a whirlwind tour through the city, Gab Reisman's HEMLOCK EXCHANGE is a fascinating fast-paced glimpse into 1917 New Orleans​. As the city negotiates the political machinations of the Great War in Europe, rumors fly about the new mysterious flu that is making its deadly way through the city and threatening to cancel Mardi Gras. Audiences will listen in on various phone conversations held over "party lines," which were early telephone lines shared by multiple businesses or homes. Callers include dozens of city dwellers, from the deli man at Central Grocery, to the madams of Storyville brothels, to the uptown homes of high society's elite. 

Run Time:  30 minutes

Arthur Perry:  James Yeargain

Lillian Perry:  Ashley Ricord Santos

Sam Zemurray:  Alex Martinez Wallace

Jacques Paultre:  John "Ray" Proctor

Thérese Herman:  Kalimay Stewart

Homer Plessy:  John "Ray" Proctor

Martha Claiborne:  Natalie Boyd

Hattie Robinson:  Brittany N. Williams

Clyde Robinson:  Khiry Armstead

Martin Behrman:  Reid Williams

Sal Lupo:  Bill Mader

Hilma Burt:  Megan Whittle

Bessie la Mothe:  Tenaj Jackson

Bertie Fitzpatrick: Reid Williams

How to listen

Since PodPlays can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, you can purchase access to each PodPlay as they are released:

$10 - Single PodPlay

$35 - All 4 PodPlays


Once you purchase your desired PodPlay or the four-play subscription, you will be emailed with a unique access code and link that you may use to listen and enjoy!


Gab  Reisman

A.J. Allegra

Amara E. Skinner

Khiry Armstead

Natalie Boyd




John "Ray" Proctor

Ashley Ricord Santos

Kalimay Stewart

Megan Whittle

brittany n. Williams

Reid williams

James yeargain

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