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by Pete McElligott

Directed by Leslie Claverie

Audio Engineered by Matt Jackson

Release Date;  November 18, 2020

The NOLA Project PodPlays are a brand new way for audiences to experience the excitement of new theatre from the comfort of their home.

Selene, a blind woman, lives in a cave with her only friend, Callisto, an orphaned bear cub.  Their simple cave-lives are interrupted by the arrival of a stranger, Neola, who explains that the world outside has been swallowed in darkness.  Helios has disappeared from the sky and robbed the world of light.  Even fires seem to offer only cold shadows.  With no light by which to see, people have been gripped by chaos and fear and a great deal of tripping.  Neola believes she knows a path that will take her to where Helios is hiding, and help restore light to the sky.  However, she needs a guide who can help her walk the path without sight.  Selene, Callisto, and Neola venture out together to find out why the sun god disappeared and, if they find him, how to convince him to come back.

Run Time:  50 minutes

Neola:  Claire Gresham

Selene:  Carol Sutton

Thief:  A.J. Allegra

Helios:  Zeb Hollins III

How to listen

Since PodPlays can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, you can purchase access to each PodPlay as they are released:

$10 - Single PodPlay

$35 - All 4 PodPlays


Once you purchase your desired PodPlay or the four-play subscription, you will be emailed with a unique access code and link that you may use to listen and enjoy!



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Pete McElligott


Leslie Claverie


Matt Jackson


Claire Gresham


Carol Sutton


A.J. Allegra

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Zeb HollinS III

Nola Project
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