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2019-2020 production


The NOLA Project wants to bring educational and entertaining children's theatre right into to your classroom!

The acclaimed OSKAR play series was developed at TheatreWorks Silicon Valley and the Alley Theater in Houston and is designed to present educational and engaging stories about topics like bullying, resiliency, and empathy in fun and entertaining ways that kids and teachers alike will love. While all the OSKAR plays deal with their subject matter in a humorous fashion, they have made a serious impact on student behavior. 

Watch this video about the OSKAR tour in the San Francisco to get an idea of what you can expect!

OSKAR tours are flexible by design and can be presented in a larger space like a school auditorium, library, or gym, or even within a single classroom. And thanks to generous funding from the 610 Stompers and the Keller Family Foundation, you can book an Oskar tour completely free! To book us at your school, click the button below or contact Education Director Kristin Shoffner at

• Total School Visitors: 4 (3 actors and 1 stage manager)

• Show Length:  40 minute play with 15-minute guided discussion afterwards

• Cost: FREE for the first 16 schools that register

• Study guide available for educators

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Nola Project
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