by Brittany N. Williams

Directed by Tenaj Jackson

Audio Engineered by Amara E. Skinner

Release Date:  January 14, 2021

The NOLA Project PodPlays are a brand new way for audiences to experience the excitement of new theatre from the comfort of their home.

What happens when you throw together a pilot turned waitress turned pilot again, a sentient spaceship, a wildly wealthy beauty queen, and the galaxy's most dangerous pageant? You get a helluva story told by the world's best and most gorgeous omnipotent narrator*.


*Editor's Note: The Narrator made us add this wording under extreme duress**.

**Narrator's Note: Ain't no fault in saying it if it's true. <3

Narrator:  Wayland Cooper

Shenae Parker:  Brittany N. Williams

AIDN and others:  Constance S. Thompson

Cordelia du Frane:  Monica R. Harris

Grace and others:  Anna Toujas

Rhys and others:  Alex Martinez Wallace

Jacob and others:  Torey Hayward

Goneril du Frane and others:  Natalie Boyd

Run Time:  45 minutes

How to listen

Since PodPlays can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, you can purchase access to each PodPlay as they are released:

$10 - Single PodPlay

$35 - All 4 PodPlays


Once you purchase your desired PodPlay or the four-play subscription, you will be emailed with a unique access code and link that you may use to listen and enjoy!


Brittany N. Williams

Wayland Cooper

Tenaj Jackson

Amara E. Skinner

Natalie Boyd

Monica R. Harris

Torey Hayward

Constance S. Thompson

Anna toujas

Alex martinez wallace

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